Did you know that in the year 2014?
About 241,740 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed and about
28,170 men will die of prostate cancer.
Almost 1 man in 6 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.
What can YOU do about your Prostate?
This website is your guide to a Healthy Prostate and is your online source for information
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Thank you Ben Ong for helping me turn my life around. In just thirty days I have already realized better eating habits, weight loss, more energy & focus and a greater understanding of how God intends us all to live....
-Rev G Kenneth Steigler (Wake Forest North Carolina)
For more than 10 years Ben has been providing answers to questions about Prostate Health and helping people discover alternative  
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Dear Ben,
Love your letters they have helped so much. Thank you over and over you have really helped me. (1) I don't get nervous about my prostate, I go to the Dr. and they try and scare me in thinking something is really wrong.(2) When I read your guide and follow what you say I feel great,(3) I don't get up at night maybe 1 time every three nights or so. You have really helped me in so many ways.(4) I can go out and not worry about running to the bathroom all the time.(5) I really think my prostate is shrinking. I even have more energy. Thank you.
Terry Badger, (Aspen, Colorado)
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bensProstate.com resource site for Prostate Health questions and answers
"Welcome to bensprostate.com. I'm Ben Ong™, the author of the bestselling book "All About The Prostate."
In 2000 I suffered from prostate disease and was able to totally cure myself with natural means without the high risks of side effects from toxic prescription drugs and invasive medical treatments. I've spent the last 12+ years helping people answer their questions about Prostate Health and over 1 million people have benefited from my book,
"All About The Prostate."
This website is your guide to a healthy prostate."
Ben Ong, Author of "All About The Prostate'
Get your Prostate Health Questions Answered
Hi, I'm Ben Ong. My guide "All About The Prostate" contains more in-depth information about prostate disease. I describe symptoms, conventional medical treatments, side-effects and alternatives. I detail hundreds of published scientific studies that will leave you more knowledgeable about your own prostate condition than your doctor.

Above all I describe holistic natural options, appropriate dietary changes, exercise
that can help, supplements that will make the difference, reduce your PSA, cure urination problems and I describe published scientific studies that show which natural steps can slow or even halt prostate cancer in its tracks.

My guide has been described by everyone as a good read but it is also comprehensive. There is nowhere else you can get this much authoratative information about the prostate all in one place. And I make it all easy to understand.

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