6 Natural Ways To Reduce The Size of Your Prostate

by Ben Ong
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reduce prostate

If you are suffering from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, possibly caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis or other prostate-related illnesses then you are more than likely looking for ways to reduce the size of your prostate.

Symptoms of BPH can include urinary urgency, urinary hesitation, not being able to empty the bladder fully, a weaker or intermittent urine stream and nocturia (frequently needing to urinate during the night).

If you suffer from these symptoms for an extended period of time they can cause damage to the urinary tract and bladder, including increasing the risk of developing bladder cancer.

Urinary symptoms are often the result of an inflammation or enlargement of the prostate, indicating that you need to pay more attention to your prostate health.

When it comes to experiencing systems of BPH, size doesn’t necessarily matter. Men with an enlarged prostate don’t always suffer from any kinds of urinary symptoms while men whose prostate is of a good size may suffer from chronic urinary symptoms. Keeping it in mind that BPH symptoms are not always present to indicate a problem with the prostate – it should be every man’s goal to improve and maintain good prostate health.

The best way to promote good prostate health is by all-natural methods. Taking simple steps to eat right, exercise regularly and lose weight can have a big impact on any symptoms of BPH and other prostate problems. Managing stress and keeping hormone levels balanced can all be done simply and easily to help you to maintain good prostate and urinary health.

1) Eating right 
reduce prostate

Hormones in the body are the main cause of prostate enlargement, and certain foods can encourage your body to produce these hormones, which can damage your prostate’s health. Eating an excess of fatty meats and dairy products can cause your body to release these unhealthy hormones.

It is therefore advisable to eat a healthy and balanced diet that includes organic vegetables, which reduce pesticide exposure and offer an increase vitamin concentration; all benefits for prostate health.

Healthy eating can also help you to lose excess weight, which is extremely beneficial for prostate health. Changing the way you eat completely, rather than faddy diets, is more effective in the long run. A Paleo or Ketogenic diet, full of grass-fed meats and organic produce helps your body to burn off excess fatty cells for use as energy and helps you to lose weight. 

2) Exercisereduce prostate

Exercise, again, is something we all know is good for general health but it also has surprising results for prostate health.

Exercising regularly can help manage BPH symptoms and even prevent the disease developing in the first place.

Aerobic and resistance training are the best forms of exercise to help promote good prostate health.

3) Weight Loss 

Obesity has been proven to be linked to many types of prostate disease such as BPH, prostatitis and even prostate cancer. Losing weight can help to relieve symptoms of these diseases and also generally improve prostate health.

reduce prostate

Weight gain has also been linked to the production of excess oestrogen and inflammation of the prostate, both of which are bad news for prostate health.

The good news is that by modifying your current diet by eating Ketogenic and paleo friendly foods alongside regular exercise will help you to lose weight without you even needing to think about it.

4) Supplementsreduce prostate

Taking daily supplements that have been proven to help promote good prostate health can have major benefits.

Supplements are simple and easy ways to ensure that your body has the right amount of vitamins and nutrient it needs to help the prostate stay healthy and fight off any potential diseases.

Ben’s Prostate Healer– this supplement is a high potency prostate, bladder and urinary healer. Containing a range of all-natural concentrated herb extracts, this supplement also contains a broad-spectrum anti-bactericide and helps to heal the prostate and improve urinary symptoms.

Ben’s Prostate Power– helping to fight and protect from prostatitis, this supplement maintains prostate, kidney and bladder health too. It is an effective urinary symptom reliever; helping to improve urination flow, reduce nighttime urination and aid the bladder to empty fully. It is completely natural with no side effects.

Ben’s Total Health– with a wide range of all natural vitamins and minerals this supplement is hugely beneficial for prostate and general health in men. Helping to maintain prostate and bladder health, this supplement also boosts the immune system, supports memory and the nervous system while at the same time raising energy levels. It is an all-round super supplement.

5) Manage Hormone Levels reduce prostate

As we age, hormone production changes and it is important for good prostate health than men take steps to manage their hormone levels.

An excess of testosterone can have the same negative effects on the prostate as a deficiency of the hormone can.

You can help to manage and balance your hormone levels as you age naturally using exercise, a good diet and supplements.

6) Manage Stressreduce prostate

High levels of stress can have a negative impact on all areas of general health, as well as prostate health.

This is because stress can lower the immune systems and cause pelvic tension in men, which leads to worsening of BPH and urinary symptoms.

Stress can also reduce the levels of zinc the body produces which is a substance vital to good prostate health.

You can help to manage stress in your life through a variety of natural methods such as massage, psychological therapy, acupuncture, meditation and breathing exercises.

Taking regular physical exercise can also lower stress levels. If you can’t manage stress levels on your own then look group sessions to help get your stress levels under control.

These 6 steps are a natural and healthy way to help promote good prostate health.

Following this advice can help relieve BPH and prostatitis symptoms and prevent the problems developing in the first place. Take your prostate health into your own hands so you can avoid having to take pharmaceutical drugs that may come with some rather nasty side effects.

6 Natural Ways To Reduce The Size of Your Prostate
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