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I'm Ben Ong, the author of the bestselling book "All About the Prostate" In 2000 I suffered from prostate disease and was able to totally cure myself with natural means without the high risks of side effects from toxic prescription drugs and invasive medical treatments.

I've spent the last 12+ years helping people answer their questions about Prostate Health and over 1 million people have benefited from my book, "All About the Prostate"

I am not a medical doctor. I suffered with prostate disease in 2000. That caused me to go looking for information about the prostate. I researched extensively both conventional medical treatments and alternative treatments for the Prostate.

I cured myself of prostate disease completely. Since I was already retired and had plenty of time on my hands, I decided to use my time to help men who have prostate disease.

My approach towards good prostate heatlh is very different and is based on holistic natural principles. My research has convinced me that it is better to deal with prostate disease using changes to nutrition and lifestyle and to take well researched natural food supplements. That way men need not accept the very high risk associated with prostate disease of side effects from toxic prescription drugs and invasive medical treatments.

My research and the feedback I've had from my hundreds of thousands of readers over the years has made it very clear to me that the prostate disease side effects caused by prescription drugs and invasive treatments which are often so damaging to a man's quality of life, are NOT a price worth paying.

Conventional medicine is supposed to be evidence-based. But unfortunately, money and greed get in the way. Evidence is both distorted and manipulated to tell a story that suits the moneymaking objectives of both the pharmaceutical corporations and many but certainly not all doctors.

I take my evidence about prostate health from independent research that has been published in peer-reviewed scientific publications. It is that research that is often sidelined and ignored by conventional medicine because the conclusions do not suit them as they would reduce the money they can make.

Over the 12 or more years now that I have been studying the whole issue of prostate disease and the treatment of it I have become only too well aware that there is no solid scientific evidence that any of the conventional medical treatments for the prostate improve health or life expectancy. On the contrary, all the independent research points to the opposite conclusion. In complete contrast, the information and supplements I have been able to provide to my readers and customers has been immensely beneficial to them.

I receive dozens of unsolicited comments from customers every week, telling me how grateful they are for helping them avoid the damage they would have had by going the conventional medical route and how well they have done with my supplements and my information on how diet, lifestyle and exercise which has dramatically improved the quality of their lives.

I remain totally committed to helping men follow the natural route to health.


Ben Ong

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