Do young men get prostate Cancer?

Although the average age at which men get prostate cancer is trending downwards, is still relatively rare for young men to get prostate cancer. Contributing factors to getting prostate cancer are an inappropriate diet, a sedentary existence and a genetic component if close family have had prostate cancer.

While factors such as diet and lifestyle take time to take their toll, the deterioration in the quality of the food consumed,  an ever increasing level of stress, both combined with the an increasingly sedentary lifestyle in the general population means that men are getting prostate cancer at an ever younger age.

In a man over 60, because prostate cancer develop the chances of that cancer becoming life-threatening is far less then when a young man gets prostate cancer. In general doctors will advocate more radical treatments in younger men for that reason.

In my personal view the best treatment at any age is the radical reversal of those factors that cause the disease in the first place together with natural supplements. in other words a radical transformation of diet and lifestyle.

It is clear that no compelling evidence exists to prove that life expectancy is extended as a result of conventional medical treatments for prostate cancer. Similarly, there is no research that conclusively proves that the natural approach to treating prostate cancer will extend life expectancy.

But since they appear to be very much on a par, a compelling reason not to undertake conventional medical treatments is that   they reduce significantly the quality of life, while natural treatment enhances the quality of life.

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