Testosterone can kill

Just a quick note. I had an email from a customer last week and I believe the content and my response will interest you.

Dear Ben,

I have been taking your total health for a month now, watching my diet, avoiding red meat and eating more fruits and vegetables. I must be honest with you I used to eat loads of red meat and kebab but I have stopped altogether. The flow has improved slightly and able to hold water a bit longer than before.  I have also read your book and keep reading it.

My question is that you stated as supported by various researches that low testosterone causes prostate problems. If that is the case why can’t we

simply replace the hormone artificially to solve it rather than relying on the body which is not efficient due to age. Women who have problems with menopause simply take HRT and the problem is solved. Are there any food that boost testosterone?


Hi Jonas,

I am glad that you are making progress and that my diet advice and Total Health are producing some good early results. It will take time and your improvement will continue. You raise an interesting point about Testosterone. You see the whole basis of my healing philosophy is that you need to keep it natural because there are no genuine quick fixes, just like there are no free lunches.

You mention that women can just take HRT to replace what is missing naturally. But you obviously are not aware that women taking HRT substantially increase their risk of death from strokes and heart failure. Basically when you mess with nature, nature messes with you.

Even though having high Testosterone naturally is good to prevent prostate cancer, there are dangers in supplementing Testosterone unless you first test all your hormone levels. For example if your Estradiol is high then adding Testosterone may make the body convert it to DHT which can actually cause prostate cancer.

Taking Testosterone as a supplement can in certain circumstances be very dangerous. So, if you want to supplement Testosterone let me first test and analyze your hormone levels. It can be done with a home test. To understand more about this hormone interaction and its implications for prostate cancer, please read the chapter on Testosterone in my book again.

The best way to boost Testosterone naturally is to do vigorous resistance exercise. This will also improve your health and sloow down any dvelopment of prostate cancer. Exercise is not limited by age. In my gym (where I work out every day) there is a man of 93 who goes through a punishing exercise routine every day and is as fit as a fiddle. Of course if you are unused to it, you have to take it easy to start with and gradually build up. There is no food that reliably increases Testosterone.

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2 comments on “Testosterone can kill
  1. Ken West says:

    I had my prostate removed May 2011 and I am given estrogen treatment for two years. I have had mood swings, hot sweats and a feeling of not being fully well. I read on the net that estrogen treatment may not be the best answer. Will Testosterone come up if I stop taking the estrogen and will Testosterone replacement help me?

    Thank you

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ken,

    Taking hormone shots will temporarily lower your PSA because it destroys your testosterone and that means in the short term that there is no feedstock for your body to make DHT which is the irritant that caused your cancer in the first place.

    So the PSA should come down. But that does not mean that your cancer has gone away. It also does not mean that you have improved your chances of survival against what they would have been if you had done nothing at all. And it also does mean that you will suffer some side effects from this treatment.

    In fact the most recent research about hormone therapy shows that not only doesn’t it work (apart from temporarily reducing the PSA) but it increases the risk of a fatal heart attack by a massive 28% in men who have that treatment.

    It also means that you will probably become impotent (97% chance of being impotent within five years).

    Long-term use of androgen deprivation may also increase older patients’ risk of broken bones, according to a new study presented at the annual AACR Cancer Prevention Research Conference, Nov. 7 to 10 in Philadelphia. The study found that men treated with androgen deprivation therapy had a 20 percent increased risk of a first fracture and a 57 percent increased risk of a second fracture after two years of treatment.

    A recent Swiss study examined the files of 108,000 men suffering from prostate tumors in the United States from 1993 to 2002. Their conclusion was that men who had androgen therapy had a 19% increased risk of getting intestinal cancer.

    If you want to know more about what you can do to maintain the quality of your life and prevent recurrence of prostate cancer, e-mail me at ben.ong@bensprostate.com

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