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Clinicians, doctors, naturopaths & medical practitioners, trust Ben’s Natural Health to provide the higest quality, research-backed supplements to support their clinical treatment programs.

Why Ben's Natural Health?

Ben's Natural Health is an industry leader in high quality, research backed, safe, natural supplements. The company has a 20 year track record, a reputation for outstanding customer service and a 100% money back guarantee on its products.

Our dedicated clinical nutrition team answer 200 questions from patients and doctors every day, and our scientific advisory board is made up of qualified and practicing US based medical doctors and professors.

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As a doctor, you want to ensure that anything you recommend to your patients is effective and safe. We understand and share your concerns.


Doctor Recommended

Ben's Natural Health Is Reccommended & Sold By Real, Practicing, US based Doctors & Clinicians


Nutrition Specialists

The Clinical Nutrition Team Provides Custom Diets & Exercise Plans And Educational Content On Our Website


Phone Support

Our 5 Star Customer Support Team Is On Hand To Ensure High Quality Service & Speedy Delivery


Advanced Formulation

All Our Supplements Contian Clinically Significant Dosages & Are Laboratory Formulated And Tested


Which is why all of our products are manufactured at an FDA registered, cGMP manufacturing facility that is certified under 21 CRF Part III, and approved by the State of Washington for dietary supplement manufacturing.

To ensure the quality, efficacy, accuracy of our labels and safety of our products, we have designed our own quality control and hazard analysis program that is significantly above the maximum standards required by regulatory agencies in the US or Europe. Every raw ingredient is tested for a minimum of two adulterants using the USP and/ or AHPA recommended standards.

Our in-house laboratory guarantees that all our botanicals are radiation-free and we use a non-destructive dry-steam technology in our sterilization process. In addition, the in-house laboratory conducts identity testing using USP method 1119 Near-Infrared spectroscopy, and every finished batch is tested for microbial adulteration, thus assuring that each batch meets the highest purity standards.

Our main laboratory also maintains strict relationships with third party laboratories, enabling the use of cutting edge methods such as DNA analysis.

We also use these laboratories to confirm the in-house results, and to cross test their results.

This is all part of the hazard analysis program. There are three third party laboratories approved; Exact Scientific, Eurofins, and Alchemist Laboratories. All of them have regular audits to qualify their results.


Why Should I Prescribe Supplements?

According to the latest consumer survey by the US council for Responsible Nutrition, Americans spend thirty billion dollars a year on supplements, with 71% of all Americans buying and taking dietary supplements every day.

If you are not talking to your patient and recommending them supplements, then that is 71% of your patients purchasing unknown supplements elsewhere. That means 71% of your patients may be taking unsafe, ineffective, contaminated supplements that may be interfering with their treatment.

Ensuring that your patients are getting a safe and effective supplement should be an essential part of your treatment plan for every patient.



Consumer surveys have also noted that doctors and medical professionals are routinely ranked as the most trusted source of information about supplements.

56% of all supplement takers say they would consult their doctors and adjust their supplement regiment based on their advice. Additionally, supplement buyers are more than twice as likely to visit their doctor than non-buyers, and more likely to look after their health than non-buyers.

Your patients are already purchasing and using supplements. But what you may not know is that, if given the option, supplement buyers are twice as likely to purchase their supplements from a pharmacy or their doctor than they are to buy them online, or in a health store.

Supplement buyers even prefer to purchase from their doctor over purchasing at a supermarket or large store.

How Many Of My Patients Need Supplements?

Your patients want supplements; this is clear by the numbers of Americans buying them.

When it comes to many common metabolic conditions, natural supplements are more effective than many existing prescription medications and have none of the side effects.

Your patients want this as part of their treatment plan.

One study showed as high as 73% of men with prostate disease either were taking or looking to take a supplement as part of, or instead of, their prescribed treatment.

Peer-reviewed, double-blind, clinical studies have routinely shown that the compounds used in Ben’s Natural Health supplements are effective for the treatment of various metabolic conditions. Ben’s prostate supplements are proven to help lower PSA, shrink the prostate and alleviate symptoms. Ben’s Diabetes supplements can actually help reverse type 2 diabetes and restore pancreas and insulin health.

This is all backed by independent published research – take a look.

Can My Patients Trust Ben’s Natural Health?

We have a remarkable track record and our customers, experience great success in our health programs. Ever year we educate, inspire and nurture our community with premium services and support to deliver exactly what they need.



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All testimonials shown on our website are 100% genuine, unpaid for, unsolicited, written by real customers and verified by independent 3rd parties such as Stamped and Amazon.com.

You can see what customers are saying about our products - Here

How Can I Get My Patients The Supplements?


There are two ways you arrange for your patients to get our supplements.

The first way is that we allow doctors and pharmacies to buy and stock our supplements in their stores. We also offer substantial discounts and wholesale rates.

For more information please contact [email protected]

The second way is to join our Medical Partners Program.

The Medical Partners Program

The Medical Partners Program allows approved doctors and pharmacies to reserve stock in our US and European warehouses. This means that doctors and pharmacies can arrange for their customers to receive deliveries straight to their home addresses. Stock is reserved, but only paid for as it is sold, allowing smaller pharmacies to better manage their finances, and local small practice doctors to offer our supplements to their patients, without any upfront costs to themselves.

If you are interested in joining our Medical Partners Program – Please click here.

Advantages of the Medical Partners Program

Apart from the advantage of not having to purchase stock upfront, or only having to purchase and keep a few samples at your practice, there are a number of benefits and advantages to doctors, medical practioners and pharmacies that are on our medical partners program.

All members of the Medical Partners Program are listed as recommended practices and trusted places to purchase supplements.

Members of the Medical Partners Program are eligible for advertising in our monthly journal.

Doctors who are part of the Medical Partners Program may be invited to write an article for our monthly journal. If you have a published article in our journal, your practice/ pharmacy is eligible for a FREE advertisement in that issue.

The Medical Partners Program offers improved wholesale rates to large purchasers, additional discounts and exclusive bonus offers.

If you are interested in joining our Medical Partners Program – Please click here.




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