Less Interested In Sex? This Is Why

by Ben Ong
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hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), believe it or not, is the term invented by conventional medicine to describe the process whereby middle-aged men often develop reduced libido. Some men even find their libido disappears altogether. Pharmaceutical corporations love to give labels so that the next step can be to start marketing prescription drugs for the condition.

What Causes HSDD?

There can be many different causes, both physiological and psychological, for reduced libido. This can go beyond the general slowing down of everything as we enter into old age. I am 77 now and there is no question that I cannot do many things that I could do easily when I was 30.

But, believe it or not, so far I have discovered that old age has some compensating benefits, but I’ll save that for another article. The immediate question is: Does libido have to disappear, even as we age?

Quite often, reduced libido will be a consequence of prostate issues. Certainly, I’ve had countless men confirm that their lack of desire and sometimes erectile dysfunction had improved considerably as a result of taking my various prostate supplements.

But there is another major cause of this sexual dysfunction in men as they age – male estrogen dominance – which is rarely talked about. In fact, I just conducted some research and was dismayed to discover that there is virtually no really good book on the issue of male estrogen dominance. And it’s a very important subject.

Poor Diet Means Poor Healthhypoactive sexual desire disorder

I have already explained in my bestselling book and guide, All About The Prostate, that bad diet and lifestyle choices over decades are the major cause of all prostate disease, including cancer.

A diet that consists of refined carbohydrates (essentially junk food), plus an excessive amount of protein that comes from industrially produced red meat, is the perfect example of that. In case you don’t already have an image in your mind, I’m talking about steak and fries, or even worse: a hamburger and fries with a milkshake on the side.

That kind of diet over decades, combined with a sedentary existence, is the perfect recipe for prostate disease and ultimately cancer. And if that doesn’t get you, then diabetes or heart disease will.

All of these metabolic diseases are caused by the same diet and lifestyle. There’s no way around it.

You can, however, reverse it by making the decision to change your lifestyle now. And you can reverse estrogen dominance by taking an estrogen-lowering supplement like Estro-Clear.

Estrogen Dominance Leads To Prostate Issueshypoactive sexual desire disorder

You should be aware that there is an intermediate medical condition that precedes prostate issues. That condition is male estrogen dominance. Inevitably, this will lead to prostate problems. And that generally means that men who have prostate issues also have estrogen dominance. But they don’t realize that.

Here are the clear signs of estrogen dominance in a man: male boobs, belly fat, being less assertive than you used to be, having less stamina, less strength, being brought to tears more easily, lower libido, shrinking penis, a less strong erection are all signs of male estrogen dominance.

You may recognize some or all of this in yourself, and you’re probably asking…is there anything you can do about this?

What You Can Dohypoactive sexual desire disorder

Since it all started over a decades-long period with diet and a sedentary existence, the first thing you can do is to change the bad diet and lifestyle that caused it in the first place. Use my ketogenic diet and do some regular exercise. That will eventually reduce your belly fat.

If you want to make that process go faster, I strongly recommend one supplement, in particular, my masculinity-restoring Estro-Clear supplement. I didn’t have a libido issue but I wanted to reduce my belly fat, so I started taking Estro-Clear myself. 

After just a month, I can confirm that it’s already worked wonders. I have lost 4 inches around my waist. Trousers that I couldn’t get into just four weeks ago are now too loose on me. I’m down to the same weight now that I was when I was 30 and I’ll probably still want to lose a few pounds more. Couldn’t hurt, right?

How Estro Clear Works

What Estro-Clear does is metabolize excess estrogen so that your blood estrogen levels are reduced. That changes the ratio of your estrogen to testosterone levels, which helps your body stop converting either or both estrogen and testosterone to DHT. And that means less prostate irritation, less BPH, and less risk of prostate cancer.

This is a great supplement to take, but I must emphasize that you will only see the kind of rapid results as I did within a month or two if you are also maintaining a strict ketogenic diet with some regular exercise.  

It is possible to see some slower progress by just taking the supplements and perhaps reducing your consumption of industrially produced animal protein. But if you want to see quick, visible progress you need to do it all and be fully committed.

I wish you good health,

Ben Ong

Less Interested In Sex? This Is Why
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  1. Sando K. Wheigar

    Hi Ben,
    How can buy some of your products, ( Total health and other supplements that will increase my sperm counts and make my woman to get pregnant.)

  2. Robert Urbano

    I’m taking nugenix free testosterone booster is it okay to take this with total health for the prostate?

    • Ben Ong

      Yes it should be absolutely fine to take with Total Health.

      Wishing you good health,

  3. louis zamora


    • Ben Ong

      Hi Louis, I am afraid our products work to heal the prostate so will not work if your prostate has been removed. I wish you good health, Ben.


    Need to order total health

  5. Lawrence Stevens

    I used Estroclear for 3 months and saw no improvement.

    • Ben Ong

      Hi Lawrence, can I ask you to get in touch with our customer support team via [email protected] so we can discuss this in further detail and help to advise you. Wishing you good health, Ben.

  6. Jim Burke

    I’ve been diagnosed with overactive bladder, my prostate is not really enlarged I have no trouble going to the bathroom but the overactive bladder makes me feel like I have to go, any suggestions

  7. joe mattingly

    what is the ketogenic diet ??

    • Ben Ong

      Hi Joe, The keto diet is a diet that is very low in carbs and high in fats. It was formulated to drastically reduce the intake of carbs and replace it with fat. Such reduction puts your body into a state called ketosis, in which the body burns fat for energy. If you would like to learn more about it check out this http://www.bensprostate.com/ketogenic-diet-weight-loss/. I wish you good health, Ben.

  8. Michael

    I have asked plenty of doctors about the prostate and urination problems but all they want to do is give you drugs. ( I refuse to take any). the question I have is why is it difficult to urinate a night but in the daytime things are back to normal, so to speak.
    Sex is not a problem. Just for information sake I can last for an hour if I choose to.
    BTW, I am in my late 60s.

    • Ben Ong

      Hi Michael, agree in regards to prostate drugs. Many if them have terrible side effects.If you get in touch with our support team via +1 888-868-3554 they can best advise you on what steps to take. We have a number of supplements which help to alleviate urinary symptoms such as Total Health and Prostate Power which you can learn more about here https://www.bensnaturalhealth.com/prostate-health.html. Wishing you good health.

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