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One category of drugs is Alpha blockers which relax the muscles around the prostate and urethra thus helping urine to flow more freely. The problem with that approach is that it does nothing about the underlying problem and is only a temporary solution at best.  If you are wondering about other Alpha Blockers and side effects please send me a question detailing your personal circumstances and I will advise you of your options based upon my years of experience and extensive knowledge promoting good prostate health.
From my experience with BPH sufferers over the years Tamsulosin rarely works that well anyway but has a number of side effects (similar to Flomax) that are not dangerous but nonetheless are unpleasant.

The most common of the known side effects include reduced or no semen, leakiness, headaches, fatigue, nasal congestion, dizziness and syncope - a sudden loss of consciousness. Tamsulosin often also reduces libido and can cause erectile dysfunction.

In my view the biggest downside of Tamsulosin is that it does not improve the health of the prostate at all. It is designed purely to relieve urinary symptoms by relaxing muscles. The result of taking Tamsulosin therefore is that the prostate will continue to deteriorate over time until it becomes necessary to have invasive treatment. This has to be put in the context where there are things that can be done to improve the health of prostate as described in my guide �All About the Prostate�.
Although the patent on Flomax is about to run out, there is not yet a generic available but the FDA has cleared a generic for production.
Tamsulosin HCL and Its Side Effects
There are many prescription drug alternatives to Flomax, all of them are alpha blockers. Most of them cause very similar side effects. Some of the better-known ones are: Terazosin, Doxazosin, Alfuzosin,  Uroxetrol, Rapaflow.
The alternative to using an alpha blocker such as Flomax and other similar alpha blockers, is to take an Alpha 5 reductase drug such as Proscar (finasteride) or a Avodart. Such Alpha 5 reductase drugs seek to reduce the cause of the irritation of the prostate, namely DHT. Although in theory, this is addressing the cause of the problem, there are significant negative side effects with Proscar (Finasteride), as is the case with all drugs.
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Thank you Ben Ong for helping me turn my life around. In just thirty days I have already realized better eating habits, weight loss, more energy & focus and a greater understanding of how God intends us all to live....
-Rev G Kenneth Steigler (Wake Forest North Carolina)
Dear Ben,
Love your letters they have helped so much. Thank you over and over you have really helped me. (1) I don't get nervous about my prostate, I go to the Dr. and they try and scare me in thinking something is really wrong.(2) When I read your guide and follow what you say I feel great,(3) I don't get up at night maybe 1 time every three nights or so. You have really helped me in so many ways.(4) I can go out and not worry about running to the bathroom all the time.(5) I really think my prostate is shrinking. I even have more energy. Thank you.
Terry Badger, (Aspen, Colorado)
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"The prostate will continue to enlarge and eventually Alpha blockers will be insufficient to make any difference. Moreover there are a host of side effects which accompany any prescription drug and reduce the quality-of-life. In my experience, most of the side effects I hear about from my customers are related to sexual performance. I'm not saying that they do not experience dizziness, runny noses and even fainting, but it is the sexual effects that bother them most."
What Does The Mayo Clinic Say About Alpha Blockers?
6/7 cases of prostate cancer will never become life-threatening and therefore do not need invasive treatments which
(despite all the claims by Doctors) have been shown by many studies not to increase life expectancy.
At the same time, these invasive procedures that often follow after a positive biopsy have the potential to cause
significant damage to your quality-of-life.
Learn about the Advanced Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment and save yourself from the heartache of invasive treatments.
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