Conflict of Interest

by Ben Ong
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The pharmaceutical corporations are moneymaking machines on a vast scale. They dwarf every other industry. Does that bother me? Not really. But what does bother me is the conflict of interest that lies at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry should in theory be the part of the caring establishment. After all, their function is to develop prescription drugs to help people deal with disease. But, in truth, the only thing they care about is their profit.

The cynical machinations of the Pharmas permeate every aspect of healthcare. Their vast wealth gives them the power to lead the medical establishment wherever they will. So on one hand they invent new diseases that don’t really exist and on the other they manufacture medications that don’t really work either.

Pharmas are truly licensed to kill. One way or another, prescription drugs probably kill more people than the disease they are supposed to help with.

Because their profits are so humongous, Pharmas operate with impunity. Even the largest fines that have been imposed upon them, in the billions of dollars, have barely scratched the surface of their profits. Managers and directors of Pharmas make decisions that destroy lives. Unless a way could be found to make these individuals responsible for their cynical decisions pay a hefty price, these problems will continue. At present, the decision-makers are shielded by their corporate mantle.

I suppose another problem I have with the pharmaceutical corporations is their political strength purchased with their vast profits. The moment that there is a way to help cure a disease that is natural and therefore cannot be patented, you may depend on the pharmaceutical corporations to use their political muscle to prevent people from hearing about it and ultimately make those methods disappear altogether.

My brief is to help men with prostate disease, and I see the pharmaceutical corporations do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. So naturally, I am not happy with those Pharmas.

At root, the problem is that anything that can be done to prevent disease or cure it naturally has a negative impact upon their profit base. Pharmas do not want disease to be prevented or cured. That does not make money for them. What they want is lots of sick people who take their prescription drugs on a regular basis to control their symptoms. Your disease is their cash flow.

In ancient China, doctors were held on a retainer by wealthy families. That retainer was paid as long as everyone remained healthy. The moment a member of the family became ill, the retainer was reduced. That ensured that doctors practiced preventative medicine.

Unfortunately, today we only pay doctors when we are sick. So today’s doctors have a financial benefit when we are sick, but not when we are healthy. And of course the same is true of the Pharmas. Why should it be surprising that the number of sick people rises inexorably.

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Ben Ong is a best-selling author and widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on natural treatments for metabolic conditions such as prostate disease and type 2 diabetes. He founded Ben’s Natural Health and has worked for over 20 years providing a range of high quality, clinically effective, all-natural supplements for BPH, high PSA, high blood sugar, sexual dysfunction, and others.