Healthy Diet, Stronger Sex Life?

by Ben Ong
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healthy sex life

A strong healthy diet can benefit your body in a myriad of ways, from improving your heart health to maintaining a healthy weight. However, many men fail to consider the significant impact that diet can have on sexual health.

It’s been a big question in recent years, does a healthier diet result in a stronger, more satisfying sex life? Research has indicated that it might be so.

A Massachusetts Male Aging Study found a direct connection between diet and erectile dysfunction. Researchers found that a higher probability of impotence was directly correlated with heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Declining Sexual Health

For many men sexual health is an embarrassing subject, yet it’s one that needs to be discussed more openly. One of the most common sexual health problems for men is erectile dysfunction, which affects over 30 million American men a year.

Commonly dismissed as an ‘old man’ problem, it’s important to note that while the likelihood of ED does increase as men age, it can also affect younger men.

In fact, male fertility has seen a significant decline, with a 2017 analysis of nearly 43,000 men reporting that worldwide sperm counts have declined significantly from 1973 to 2011. Researchers have questioned why this is, with many outlining diet and lifestyle as a significant contributing factor.

Sex plays an important role in health, offering benefits including improving your immune system, burning calories, and according to several studies, possibly even lowering your prostate cancer risk.

As a result, paying close attention to your sexual health is important to all men, no matter their age.

healthy sex life

5 Dietary Changes To Improve Your Sex Life

1) Eat Your 5 a day

healthy sex life

Consuming your 5 a day not only benefits your overall health but has a big impact on your fertility.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in important sperm boosting vitamins and minerals which help to safeguard sexual health. Vitamin E, found in green leafy vegetables, avocados and peppers, is considered the “sex vitamin”.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that slows down aging and increases oxygen and blood flow to the sex organs. Folate is another antioxidant that plays a vital role in sexual health.

One of the most popular vegetables it can be found in is asparagus. Folate helps increase histamine in our body, witches an essential component for maintaining our sex drive.

2) Add Natural Herbs

healthy sex life

Tongkat Ali, a plant native to Malaysia & Indonesia, has been proven to increase free testosterone, improve mood, combat erectile dysfunction, increase lean muscle mass and lower cortisol stress levels.

Scientific animal studies have shown that this powerful herb improves sexual performance and sexual arousal.

A further study administered tongkat ali to a group of men for one month. The results showed that after taking 200 mg of Tongkat Ali, the number of men with normal testosterone levels increased from 35.5% to an incredible 90.8%.

Another herb which has been shown to improve erectile problems is Yohimbine, a remedy extracted from the bark of the Yohimbe tree found in Central Africa

A double-blind study on the effect of yohimbine on men with erectile dysfunction showed that 34% of men experienced at least a partial improvement after a month of daily treatment. Another study proved that yohimbine was a much more effective treatment to ED than the placebo groups, with hardly any side effects.

3) Treat Yourself To Oysters

healthy sex life

Oysters are famous for being a powerful aphrodisiac and have featured in many a romantic date.

Rich in zinc, a vital component of sperm cells, oysters have been shown in studies to boost a sagging sex drive.

Research shared at a 2005 conference of the American Chemical Society that oysters, clams, and scallops contain compounds that raise testosterone and estrogen levels. Adding to this, oysters can also help repair damaged sperm and aid blood flow to sexual organs.

4) Limit Alcohol

healthy sex life

When it comes to your sexual health, that daily beer could be wrecking your love life.

Many people follow the misconceptions that drinking more alcohol increases your chances of getting some action.

While it will likely boost your confidence, in reality, it will impair your sexual performance. Alcohol consumption has also been linked to an increased risk of developing ED, with one study showing that sexual dysfunction is common in patients with alcohol dependence.

Alcohol depresses the central nervous system, making it difficult for some men to get, and keep an erection.

5) Cut Back on the Sweet Stuff

We all have daydreams about chocolate, candy and cake and when hit with a craving, it can be hard to stop. Yet consuming high amounts of sugar could have you missing out on the sweeter side of the sheets.

Excessive sugar can result in insulin resistance, which lowers testosterone levels. In a 2013 study published in Clinical Endocrinology, researchers measured the Testosterone levels in men aged between 19 to 74 after they ate 75 grams of sugar.

This is double the recommended daily intake for men, yet research shows that most of us are consuming more than that. The men saw a 25 percent decrease in average testosterone levels as a result of high sugar intake.

Sexual health problems can be very stressful, and it is important to discuss any issues you are having with your Doctor as well as your partner.

However, for the most part, sexual health can be improved and issues such as erectile dysfunction can be treated. Start by making changes to your diet and lifestyle today for a happy and healthy sex life.

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