Is Watermelon A Natural Viagra?

by Ben Ong
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I know what you’re thinking… Watermelon? A natural viagra? That sounds ridiculous, but you’re also intrigued, aren’t you?

If you’re a man suffering from impotence or ED, you know all too well the frustration of not being able to achieve an erection. In fact, an estimated 50 percent of men ages 40 to 70 experience some ED at one time or another. And before sildenafil (Viagra) was introduced in 1998, there weren’t many options for men dealing with these problems.

However, with common side-effects like nausea, abnormal or blurred vision, and back pain, there’s been an increasing desire to find natural alternatives to viagra.


Historical Uses of Watermelon 

So what’s the reasoning behind this claim? Well, let’s first dive into a little history about the watermelon…

Originally native to the African Kalahari desert, watermelon was often used as a canteen . Over time its cultivation spread quickly, with other cultures adopting it as a health food.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, watermelon was a treatment for swelling, thirst, and kidney/urinary tract inflammation. This was largely due to the fact that watermelon is 92% water (and 8% melon, ha), and so its hydrating and cleansing effects were taken advantage of. Such is the example in Russia and Central Asia. The diuretic properties of watermelon were said to cleanse the blood.

The Ancient Egyptians used watermelon as a means of treating male reproductive disorders like erectile dysfunction and prostatitis. A remedy that we’re revisiting in the modern age.


What’s So Special About A Fruit That’s Over 90% Water?

Well, the really interesting things about watermelon happen at the micronutrient level. Watermelons contain a non-essential amino acid called L-Citrulline (also found in garlic, fish, and legumes). The body converts this to the essential amino acid, arginine, which is a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the compound responsible for dilating the blood vessels, resulting in lower blood pressure and better blood flow.

That’s the science behind it. What does the research say?


L-Citrulline Improves Blood Flow natural viagra

A study in 2011 supplemented 24 men with mild ED with a placebo for one month and 1.5g per day of L-Citrulline for the following month. 2 out of the 24 men saw improvement in the placebo stage. Another 12 out of the 24 men saw improvement in the L-Citrulline stage. Patients that declared an increase in erection hardness reported being very satisfied. 

A study conducted on rats with ED in 2013 showed that those that took a citrulline water supplements had an improved condition compared to the rats on a placebo and to those that had surgery on their blood vessels.

These findings suggest that L-Citrulline may indeed improve blood flow to the penis, leading to stronger erections. However, further research is required on larger samples.


The Setbacks of Watermelon as a Natural Viagra 

Having said that, it’s worth noting that there is more than one cause of erectile dysfunction. The above studies don’t show the effect of L-Citrulline on those suffering from anxiety or depression related ED.

It would also be very difficult to consume a large enough quantity of watermelon to have the desired effects of increased arginine in the body. As watermelons are largely made up of water, you’d be better off going for concentrate watermelon juice – around 55 ounces a day for an approximate 22% increase this 2007 study found.

It doesn’t sound particularly appetizing… or good for you! A far less sugary option would be to take Citrulline supplements.

Another important thing to note is that Viagra works by inhibiting the breakdown of a molecule called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) specifically in the penis tissue.

This allows more cGMP to be available for relaxing the arteries and allowing more blood to flow. While higher levels of L-Citrulline may improve blood flow through the production of nitric oxide, this effect is exhibited by the whole body. It is not a organ-specific solution.


Wrapping it Up natural viagra

In conclusion, don’t stock up on watermelons just yet. The jury is still out on its use as a natural viagra. While some studies have shown promising results, we’re still a long way from concrete evidence.

And although you can benefit greatly from eating more watermelons, the quantity you may need is very difficult to consume. It would also vary with the type and severity of ED.. You can find ways to incorporate more watermelon into your diet, as it’s a great source of Vitamin C and vitamin A, but also too much will have you needing to pee a lot.

At this present moment, you’re better off having a look at other natural solutions like Panax Ginseng or Barrenwort, as seen in Male Boost, a tincture I formulated to combat ED and poor libido.

This clinically formulated tincture helps to naturally reinvigorate your sex life. It works to gently raise testosterone levels over time, improving sexual function, stamina, muscle gain and feelings of masculinity, without the risk of hormonal shock caused by sudden testosterone increase. To find out how Male Boost could revamp your sexual health >>>click here.

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