Breaking News – Your Pancreas Can Regenerate Itself!

by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski
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Diabetes is beatable. But don’t wait around for doctors to tell you how. The bottom line is that current medical treatments for diabetes do not reverse or control the disease.

To do that, you have to approach it naturally.

In diabetes, it’s the beta cells of the pancreas that are in low numbers. The beta cells are important because they make insulin. Degeneration of the beta cells is the main cause of type I diabetes.

Pancreas Regeneration is Breaking News

Over 2000 medical studies have reported on the topic of pancreas regeneration. Yet you probably haven’t heard about them on television or radio. This may be for several reasons. But the main reason could be that pancreas regeneration is most effectively achieved by herbs, not medical procedures.

Much stem cell research has focused on the transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells to diabetic animals to see what happens. These studies all show the same thing: a significant reduction in blood glucose level, plus regeneration of the pancreas cells. The regeneration is determined by seeing an increase in the total number of islet cells and insulin-producing cells of the pancreas.

That’s all well and good. But finding donors of pancreas cells is still quite difficult. Everyone needs their pancreas for their own health and no one wants to donate it.  Embryonic stem cells, a potential source of new pancreatic cells, are big in the news right now with the latest Planned Parenthood scam of selling aborted baby parts for research. So their source is quite ethically questionable.

Delta-cells in the Pancreas

Researchers at the University of Geneva in Switzerland revealed a mechanism by which other cells in the pancreas called delta-cells, (which produce somatostatin, another pancreatic hormone) revert to a precursor-like cell state before being ‘reborn’ as beta-cells in diabetic mice. Although this only appears to happen in young mice with type 1 diabetes, it provides further evidence that loss of beta-cell function might not be the end of the story.

älteres paar ernährt sich gesund

How Can You Get Your Pancreas to Regenerate?

If you have diabetes, pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) or pancreatic cancer, regenerating your pancreas should be your priority. There are only two ways to do this: replace the beta cells or regenerate them from scratch.

And it’s possible with the gain in medical knowledge right now to stimulate your body’s own beta cells. Japanese researchers already found and reported 13 different techniques that could result in a stimulation of the beta cells to increase their count.

Synapse in the nervous system passing an electrical and chemical signal to another cell.

Serotonin and Glucagon Play A Big Part in Pancreas Regeneration

Serotonin has an essential function helping to repair the pancreas as a result of inflammation. Lack of serotonin causes problems. Thus, in order to repair the pancreas, you need to have adequate serotonin.

Serotonin also recruits type 2 macrophages. Previously, scientists thought that the macrophages were bad cells, contributing only to inflammation of the pancreas, but in reality, these cells may act as a fulcrum, balancing inflammation with beneficial tissue repair processes such as regeneration.

Glucagon-secreting alpha cells can also become insulin-secreting beta cells, as the body does whatever it can to try to step up the production of beta cells, according to University of California San Francisco researchers.

Thus part of the key to your health becomes keeping your serotonin levels high and avoiding drugs that deplete serotonin, plus keeping other hormones such as glucagon in normal ranges.

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What Else Can You Do to Regenerate Your Pancreas?

There are some other things you can do to regenerate your pancreas and start building up the beta cells of the pancreas. Here are some of them cited in key research:

Take Digestive Aids

Make sure your fat metabolism is working properly and you are digesting fats. Studies show that a high-fat diet can interfere with pancreas regeneration (unless they are good fats as part of a ketogenic lifestyle).

You Need GABA

A natural body chemical that appears to be vital for the regeneration of beta-cells is GABA. It encourages the proliferation of beta-cells and prolongs their lives. In a new study where human pancreatic cells were grafted into the pancreas of diabetic mice, raising GABA levels led to regeneration of the human cells, increased insulin production and lowered blood sugar levels in the experimental mice. Other research has also shown that GABArestores beta-cell mass and reverses type-1 diabetes in severely diabetic mice.

Double Benefits with These Three Plants

Want to beat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and regenerate the pancreas beta cells at the same time? Saudi scientists found that teas of fenugreek, nigella sativa, and termis seeds were what was needed. A combination of the three herbs worked, as well as each plant individually. Men’s sugar block contains fenugreek, plus a further six nutrients that moderate glucose production.

Little Known Vitamin Influence

Eat plenty of vitamin K foods. This vitamin has been shown in animal studies to stimulate islet cell proliferation and regeneration. Leafy green vegetables are the best sources of vitamin K. You can add Vitamin K to your diet by eating kale, cabbage, scallions (or spring onion) or basil. If you prefer to snack on something a bit sweeter, prunes are also a great source of Vitamin K.

Why wait? Start doing what it takes to regenerate your pancreas now.


Breaking News – Your Pancreas Can Regenerate Itself!
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